Oldest Teacher In America Is HOW Old?? This Is AMAZING

January 16, 2016Jan 16, 2016

The average age that Americans retire has risen to about 63, but Hazel Sanchez of New Jersey expects to retire at a much older age, especially considering that she entered the workforce at the age of...80.

But she's no newcomer at her teaching job at a local school. In fact, she's been there for over 20 years. At the incredible age of 102, she is the oldest working teacher in America. For most of her life, she's been a work-at-home mom but was recruited by her daughter, fellow teacher Agnes Arakelian, to teach the practical skills of cooking and sewing.

Her Sundance School students, who affectionately call her "Granny," are crazy about her.

Garrett Jancourtz commented, “Granny is a wonderful teacher and she knows lots of things that can help us do better in life."

Rebecca Lindvay added, “I’ve learned how to cook delicious foods with her.”

Hazel doesn't look a day over 95 and says she doesn't feel it either. She loves teaching because of the lovable children. But is she getting ready to retire?

Hazel says no. Meet this adorable woman here: