Old Photos Show Which Team Princess Diana Would've Supported in The Super Bowl

February 05, 2018Feb 05, 2018

Does the Royal Family have an opinion on the U.S. Super Bowl? Kind of.

While Princess Diana was still alive, she was frequently seen wearing Philadelphia Eagles merchandise. She discovered the team through Eagles statistician Jack Edelstein, says People

Edelstein met Princess Diana at the funeral of Princess Grace in 1982. During the funeral reception, they struck up a conversation. They discussed everything from the late Princess Grace (who was a family friend of Edelstein’s and a Philadelphia native), the U.S., and the Eagles.

“She thought football was like soccer,” Edelstein told the Philadelphia Daily News after Diana’s death in 1997. “She asked, ‘What are your colors?’ I said, ‘Green and silver.’ She said, ‘Those are my favorite colors.’ “

After the conversation, Edelstein promised to send Diana some merchandise. They were custom-made just for her.

“We also sent her a beautiful Eagles jacket, made for her. It was Leonard Tose’s idea. He never went second-class,” Edelstein said of the then-team owner. “She sent me a very nice note, how she’d been wearing them around.”

Diana was pictured wearing the varsity-style jacket on several occasions. She wore it when she dropped her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry’s, off at London Wetherby’s Prep School in 1991.

She even appeared on the cover of PEOPLE in 1994 in the jacket.

Did her love for the Eagles merchandise mean she was tuning in to watch the Eagles play? Probably not.

“She wears these things because they create a look,” Andrew Morton, the British royal biographer who covered Princess Diana for 15 years, said 1991. “She knows very little about English sports, let alone American teams.”

People adds, "Still, photos of Diana in her go-to jacket proudly hang in bars across Philadelphia."

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