Oklahoma Woman Killed By Wild Pack of Small Dachshund Dogs

May 17, 2018May 17, 2018

A woman in Oklahoma has sadly just passed away after a tragic event. A pack of small, flea-bitten dogs attacked her near her home.

"Tracy Garcia, 52, was killed in an attack by seven small dogs near her home outside Ardmore, Okla., Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told the Associated Press. Garcia died from her injuries on May 10," reported Time.


According to police officials, each dog weighed less than 40 pounds. In total, there were seven animals. When officers responded to the scene they were forced to shoot one of the dogs. The other 6 were euthanized at a local veterinary facility.

"Six of the dogs were likely dachshund-terrier mixes, and one was a border collie mix, according to the shelter’s euthanasia technician Amanda Dinwiddie. Four were male dogs and three were female, and all were between a year and three years old," reported Time.



The dogs were said to be wild and appeared as if they had been living in the wild for quite some time. They were also said to have been covered in fleas and ticks.

Garcia was a healthcare worker, homemaker, and housekeeper throughout her life. She is survived by a son and daughter. Please join us in praying for them after this horrible tragedy.

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