Oklahoma And Arkansas Fight For Nation's Religious Freedom

October 14, 2015Oct 14, 2015


If you're not tuned into it, you might miss it: the pernicious stripping away of Christians' right to worship. Amidst all of the news of Hillary's e-mail discrepancies or Trump's latest statement, there is a real war for religious freedom happening, and thankfully, there are brave men and women who are standing up to fight.

Here, in Franklin Graham's latest Facebook post, he rallies support for two brave men standing up to the liberal agenda.


You can read the full article at CBN.com

It's sad to see such hatred towards God in this country, but also so encouraging to see men and women stand strong for their faith! How do you feel about the two instances of the fight for religious freedom? Will you post a prayer for Pruitt and Sanders who are fighting for all of our freedom to pray and worship?