Ohio Teenagers Charged with Murder After Tossing Sandbag From Overpass

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

In Toledo, Ohio, four teenage boys were charged with murder on Tuesday in an Ohio juvenile court in connection with the death of a man who had been struck by a sandbag that was thrown from an interstate overpass.

The boys, ages 13 to 15, were reportedly charged with the juvenile equivalent of felonious assault, reported The Blade. Twenty-two-year-old Marquise Byrd died Friday at a hospital.

The Warren, Michigan man was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car traveling on Interstate 75 in Toledo when a sandbag suddenly smashed through the windshield, according to Time magazine. The incident occurred on December 19.

The Lucas County Coroner’s Office said that Byrd died of blunt-force trauma to the head and neck.

Byrd was traveling to meet friends in Toledo. He was engaged and had a 1-year-old son, said Shaveontae King, a cousin of Marquis Byrd.

“Young, energetic, outgoing, lovable. He had a bright smile,” said King.

According to police, the boys had been throwing other things from the overpass. Authorities responded to the call and upon arrival saw the boys leaving the scene of the incident.

The family of Marquis Byrd reached out to the media to express their grievous loss, saying, “I would appreciate if [the boys’ parents] could at least call my auntie and tell her they’re sorry,” said King.


Please pray for the family of Marquis Byrd during this tragic time. In recent news, the cousin of a famous singer was shot and killed in Barbados. 

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