Ohio Promises Fastest, Tallest, Longest Drive Roller Coaster In The World

September 14, 2015Sep 14, 2015

Are you one of those people that enjoys being scared out of your wits? If so, Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio might have just the right level of terror for you.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the jet-fighter-inspired Valravn roller coaster is set to open next summer.

Here are some of the ways it will try to make you sick:
1. A record 214-foot drop at a 90-degree angle. For good measure, the coaster car pauses at the very brink of the drop, giving your life plenty of time to flash before your eyes.
2. Top speeds of 95 mph with lots of twists and rolls to help ease your lunch back up your esophagus.
3. A floorless coaster car, so you can feel like you really are about to free-fall to your death at 223 feet above the ground.
4. 3,415 feet of track. Plenty of time to regret your decision to ever get on.
5. The most inversions of any dive coast (three) and the highest inversion of any dive coaster (165 feet), just in case you weren't looking green yet.

The Valravn will also fling Cedar Point into the record books with the most roller coasters with a height above 200 feet at a single park (five), most rides (seventy-two), and longest combined length of track at one park (60,110 feet).

Watch the computer-generated preview and feel the rush!