Oh No! You Won't Believe This!

February 18, 2016Feb 18, 2016

What many people feared is now starting to happen. The philosophy of saying it is just fine to let boys into girls' locker rooms is now beginning to explode.


As reported by KREM.com in Seattle, a man walked into the women's locker room around 5:30 pm at the community pool. He was wearing board shorts and started to undress. He didn't even claim to be transgender.

Women alerted staff, and there were young girls about to use the changing room. His response? He said "the law has changed and I have a right to be here."

Do we realize as a society what we are doing? It is our responsibility as a society and as parents to protect our daughters and wives. Yet now we seem to think it is just fine to let any man or boy into a women's changing room to be around women undressing.

As reported by Dr. Michael Brown, a woman named Kati told him "This is VERY real. This new policy that was recently adopted by our local YMCA in Washington allows for people to use whatever locker room they self-identify with. Just two weeks ago a boy around the age of 13 walked right into the girls side of the women's locker room. All he did was sit down and scroll through his phone. Little girls were surprised when they came in from showering with their towels wrapped around them to see him sitting there. My daughter was one of those girls…"

What do you think about these new policies?