Officials DEMAND That Man Remove His Civil War Display For THIS Reason

June 07, 2016Jun 07, 2016

The Lafayette Housing Authority has demanded that a Georgia man remove the Civil War display in his front yard, and not because it violates city code.


According to WRCBTV, Kevin Smith is being told to remove the mannequins dressed in Civil War uniforms from his front yard because of complaints about them and the Confederate flags some of them are holding. The display also includes Union flags.

Smith says his display presents a war that was important to both America as a whole and the particular county he lives in, saying, "I tried to put the display around town so tourist can see the history and draw tourism here."

He believes the display is important enough to fight to keep it up.

“I am standing my ground. This is a part of our history. It is to educate so we don't fight another war.”

Efforts by WRCBTV to contact the Lafayette Housing Authority have gone unanswered.

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