Office Depot Refuses Religious Woman Over Pro-Life Stance And Says THIS About Prayer

September 14, 2015Sep 14, 2015

Maria Goldstein of Illinois is a woman of faith.  She also believes that every unborn child is sacred and that every life is precious.  That combination led to her being discriminated against by Office Depot.

According to this recent Daily caller article, Goldstein went to Office Depot to have 500 fliers printed that sheds light on Planned Parenthood abortion activities.  The flier stated facts directly from Planned Parenthood’s annual report and also urged people to pray for Planned Parenthood and the conversion of those involved in abortion.


Goldstein’s printing job was denied.  The employee cited the Office Depot’s corporate policy as a reason to discriminate.  An Office Depot spokeswoman, Karen Denning, said “the flier contained material that advocates the persecution of people who support abortion rights”.

Goldstein feels she is being singled out.  “When I tell people they’re shocked because this is America.  Office Depot is trying to silence my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion.”

The Thomas More Society sent a letter to Office Depot demanding that they stop discriminating against Goldstein.  If Office Depot refuses, legal actions will be taken.  “This seems crazy”, lawyer Tom Olp said, “To say that a prayer that calls for conversion and understanding and enlightenment is persecution, to call that persecution to me is the height of intolerance.”