ODD: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement Chooses THIS Event To Protest

October 01, 2015Oct 01, 2015

In protest to the arrest of 15 year old Tyree Tucker for disorderly conduct earlier in September, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ group plans to block all of the participants in the Twin Cities Marathon from reaching the finish line on Sunday.


According to The Daily Caller, the group plans to physically enter the race and then establish a blockade approximately a mile from the finish line.

Rashad Turner, the organizer of the upcoming marathon blockade has said what he hopes will be the outcome of infringing upon people’s lives.  “My hope is the marathon runners realize they’re not going to be able to finish this race and instead of being angry and complaining, that they join in in the protest and stand in solidarity because justice is all we are asking for.”

According to Turner, the group chose this particular venue to promote their agenda because the marathon is a big source of income for the twin cities.  “There’s a lot of money involved.  Unfortunately, we live in a country where the right people don’t create change until their money is affected,” Turner said.

One can only imagine that the participants in the marathon will not be happy to run over 25 miles just to find themselves blocked by a protest a mile away from the finish line.  Since the marathon has absolutely nothing to do with racial issues as people of all races and nationalities will be in attendance, Turner should prepare for the marathon runners to be quite angry and unwilling to ‘stand in solidarity’.