Ocasio-Cortez Says Assault Accusations Should Bar Kavanaugh From Abortion Ruling

On Wednesday, as Supreme Court We are getting closer toOverturning Roe v. WadeRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), criticized the court for allowing Justice Brett Kavanaugh the right to rule on the matter, noting that he was previously accused of multiple counts sexual assualt.

“Reminder that Brett Kavanaugh *still* remains credibly accused of sexual assault on multiple accounts with corroborated details and this year the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] admitted it never fully investigated,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Wednesday. “Yet the court is letting him decide on whether to legalize forced birth in the US. No recusal.”

Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assaultMany women have claimed that Ford assaulted and harrassed them around 1980s. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against himShe was particularly noticed when she said that Kavanaugh had forced her to grope her and rubbed him against her while keeping his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. Despite these accusations, Republicans continued to nominate and confirm Kavanaugh.

The FBI was established earlier this year. It was told that it received over 4,500 tips about Kavanaugh in 2020, but never acted on them — even though Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court nominee at the time. Instead, the agency passed the tips to Trump’s administration, who had no motivation to investigate the allegations against Kavanaugh, as Republicans were benting rules to fill the court seat with conservative justices.

“Out of 9 justices, 3 were appointed by a man who tried to overthrow the U.S. government” and elected with a minority of the popular vote, Ocasio-Cortez continued. “Those 3 will decide whether the US will legalize forcing people to give birth against their will. Legitimacy requires the consent of the governed. They are dismantling it.”

After hearing the initial arguments on a direct contest to the Constitution, Roe v. Wade, The Supreme CourtThe decision to end the nearly 50-year-old ban on abortion rights seems poised to be overthrown. This is the result of yearsCampaigning from the far-right and conservative has slowly forced the country to repeal abortion rights.

If RoeThe U.S. has been overthrown would joinA few countries have reversed abortion protections that they had expanded. Poland is one of these countries. It banned abortion. due to years of far-right governance.

Without Roe in place, many states would likely implement restrictive bans — ones that don’t allow exceptions even for victims of rape or incest. Many advocates have pointed out that Kavanaugh would be able to essentially approve such laws, which is extremely cruel.

Absence of abortion protections could have devastating consequences for the public. 26 states are likely to immediately ban abortions. Roe protections are gone — and recent data shows that without these protections, people You will need to travelTo see an abortion provider, it takes 250 miles round trip. This adds additional hurdles to what can be an already expensive procedure — although getting an abortion is not only far less expensive thanGiving birth but arguably much safer.

Texas’s near-total abortion ban, which took effect in September, may have already claimed victimsAs medical professionals have warned, the ban could increase the number of pregnancies-related deaths. Private citizens are encouraged to report people who aid in an abortion. They can win up to $10,000 in legal settlements. It does not apply to rape and incest.

To counter major backlash against the law far-right Gov. Greg Abbott Vowed to end rape in the state — a claim that was clearly disingenous because the criminal legal system not only fails to address the root causes of rape but also perpetuates them.

“If Gov. Abbott is as ‘anti-rape’ as he claims, why doesn’t he just lead the Texas state legislature to pass a law for $10k bounties on people who engage in or aid sexual assault?” wrote Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. “Or is he opposed to that because it’s a slippery slope of vigilantism where men could be unjustly targeted?”