WHAT?! Obamacare Replacement Vote Today Takes UNEXPECTED Turn

March 24, 2017Mar 24, 2017

A landmark vote for or against the President Trump-backed American Health Care Act took an unexpected turn Friday afternoon after it was postponed just one minute after its planned start at 3:30 p.m. Eastern.

"Further consideration of H.R. 1628 is postponed," the chairman of the House of Representatives announced.

He then declared the House in recess, drawing howls of indignation from representatives.

According to Fox News' Jake Gibson, "A GOP leadership aide tells Fox News [that] President Trump asked [House Speaker Paul Ryan] to pull the bill at 3 p.m. today while Ryan was at the White House."

Ryan explained the move at a press conference 30 minutes after the vote was cancelled:

House Democrats posted a gleeful response on social media minutes after the announcement was made, and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) wrote on Twitter, "Now then bring to the House floor HR 175, the FULL ObamaCare repeal. Rip it ALL out by the roots!

Why do you think this happened?