Obama Wears Custom Jacket to Game, Goes Viral for What He Embroidered on the Sleeve

February 22, 2019Feb 22, 2019

Barack Obama has managed to stay in the spotlight and keep his fans swooning over his every move in the past few years following his departure from the White House. Now, he is making headlines for the fashion choice he made at a recent basketball game.

"Michelle Obama may have some new competition in the best-dressed lists she frequently graces — and from close to home. In recent days, President Barack Obama had fans and fashionistas alike going wild over his latest look: a black bomber jacket embroidered with '44' on the left sleeve," reported Fox.

The '44' is in reference to his presidency. He was the 44th President of the United States. He was easy to spot in the stands since he wore the all black jacket and sat curtsied for the Duke game against UNC.

"The jacket has since been identified by GQ as a $595 Rag & Bone design, custom-made for the former president sometime during 'the end of his second term,'" accordion to reports.

The designer of the jacket was thrilled to see the former President wearing his line. It was sure to be a great marketing event for the company.

“I hadn’t forgotten about it, but I wasn’t necessarily waiting [for it to appear],” Rag & Bone founder Marcus Wainwright told GQ of Obama’s jacket. “I wasn’t expecting him to wear it in public. I thought maybe he's wearing it on the weekends or at home. I was hoping that he was wearing it.”

The game also made headlines after the shoe of one UNC player seemed to simply bust while he made a cut on the court. The image and video have since gone viral.

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