Obama Threatens To Stop Funding Schools, THIS Is How The States Can Fight Back

family politics
May 15, 2016May 15, 2016

One of Faith, Family, America’s followers proposed a genius way for all conservative states to stand up to the gross overreach and unlawful decrees by Obama and his administration.

Since Obama and the federal government is threatening to withhold federal funding from the schools and their students in the states that refuse to open up girls bathrooms to men, Marsha suggested that the states who want to protect their women and children should withhold their federal taxes until the federal government stops trying to override the power of the individual states. Those federal taxes could then go to funding the schools within the state. 

The thought is that if the federal government wants to punish schoolchildren by withholding funding because the states don’t agree with Obama’s personal gender crusade, then the states should in turn be able to withhold funding the federal government who punishes them for standing up for their personal beliefs.

What do you think about Marsha’s suggestion?