Obama Seeks To Release Record Number Of Terrorists From Guantanamo Bay

December 19, 2015Dec 19, 2015

Obama has desired to close down the Guantanamo bay prison for a long time.  If he gets his way he will shut down the prison before he leaves office.  Closing down the prison will result in the release of many threats to national security.  Since 9/11, the United States has held national security threats and terrorists.

According to the New York Times, closing down Guantanamo Bay would mean that the United States would need to bring the terrorists that are deemed too dangerous to release to a prison on U.S. soil, something that Republicans are vehemently against. 

As for the detainees that the Obama administration that deem as not a threat to national security, they would be released to a country that is willing to accept them.  Of course though, the term the administration uses is “transfer.”  They don’t want people to think that terrorists are actually being released.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has recently approved the “transfer” of 17 detainees.  That is the most detainees released at one time under any administration.  Releasing those 17 would leave only 90 prisoners left at Guantanamo Bay.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration doesn’t understand that there is no such thing as a low-level terrorist.  This was proven recently when one of the detainees who was previously released, re-appeared in an Al Qaeda propaganda video.

What could possibly go wrong this time around?