Obama: Sarah Palin More POWERFUL Than You Can Possibly Imagine

October 03, 2016Oct 03, 2016

Sarah Palin is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

That's the message coming from President Barack Obama in an interview published today in New York Magazine. While Palin's popularity has waned and her role as a Donald Trump surrogate diminished, Obama is trying to "blame" her for the rise of Trump as Republican presidential nominee.

Responding to a question, Obama said:

"I see a straight line from the announcement of Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential nominee to what we see today in Donald Trump, the emergence of the Freedom Caucus, the tea party, and the shift in the center of gravity for the Republican Party. Whether that changes, I think, will depend in part on the outcome of this election, but it’s also going to depend on the degree of self-reflection inside the Republican Party. There have been at least a couple of other times that I’ve said confidently that the fever is going to have to break, but it just seems to get worse."

Others may disagree, rather seeing Palin as becoming a voice for a conservative fervor that was stoked by Obama's liberal leadership. They would say Obama and his policies are "to blame" for Trump, not Palin.

What do you think?