Obama’s Executive Actions Heading To The Supreme Court

January 19, 2016Jan 19, 2016

Obama has been very busy with bypassing Congress and taking executive actions, including gun control measures and amnesty for illegal immigrants.  On Tuesday, the Supreme Court took notice of the president’s liberal use of his powers and agreed to review his actions.

The Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold lower court rulings that block the Obama administration’s attempts to shield illegal immigrants from deportation.  According to Fox News, the case will be argued before the Supreme Court in April and a verdict will be reached by the end of June.

Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator from Utah welcomes the Supreme Court’s investigation.  “President Obama’s executive action is an affront to our system of republican self-government.  The Constitution vests legislative authority in Congress, not the President.  With his actions, President Obama has attempted to bypass the constitutionally ordained legislative process and rewrite the law unilaterally.”

Ever since Obama rolled out his executive plan in 2014 to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants, it has stalled in the courts.  Over two dozen Republican led states have tied up Obama’s plan in litigation.  The Supreme Court will have the final say as to the Constitutionality of Obama’s plan.