Obama Responds To Trump’s Border Plan, But Forgets One BIG Thing

April 06, 2016Apr 06, 2016

On Tuesday, Donald Trump released his plan to construct a wall on the border of Mexico, including details about how he plans to make Mexico pay for the wall.  Trump said that if Mexico doesn’t pay a one-time fee for the wall, he would block illegal immigrants from sending money back home to Mexico.

Trump claimed that the United States loses $25 billion dollars a year from the economy due to illegal immigrants crossing over into the country, working, paying no taxes, and sending the money earned back across the border.

Obama was quick to chide Trump for his wall plan.  “The implications with respect to ending remittances, many of which are from illegal immigrants and have individuals who are sending money back to their families, are enormous,” Obama said. “The notion that we are going to track every Western Union, you know, bit of money that’s sent to Mexico, you know, good luck with that.”

In addition to thinking that it would be hard to track and stop the flow of money leaving the country, Obama also believes that if illegal immigrants were to stop sending American money back home to Mexico that the Mexican economy would collapse and would lead to even more illegal immigrants flooding into the country.

Whether you agree with Trump’s plan or not, one can see that a border wall would prevent Obama’s proposed mass migration from happening.  As far as it being hard to track and stop money from being sent out of the country by illegal immigrants, it is not as hard as the president makes it sound.  After all, his administration and the IRS were able to target conservative groups easily and willingly. 

If the government pursued illegal immigrants as strongly as they do American citizens, no luck would be needed.