Obama Issues BIZARRE Statement While Campaigning For Hillary

July 05, 2016Jul 05, 2016

In the wake of the FBI's decision to not charge Hillary Clinton for what it acknowledges were "extremely careless" actions on her part for exposing national secrets to hackers and foreign powers, and during a campaign event this afternoon for Hillary that the White House claims has no connection to the FBI's decision earlier today, President Barack Obama issued a bizarre statement in support of her.


According to the New York Times, he said that no man or woman in history has ever been as qualified as Hillary to be our president.

Not George Washington nor our other Founding Fathers or any of our great leaders in history. But Obama didn't mention any of those presidents by name.

Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Memoli, in listening to the speech, remarked that Obama also came "remarkable close to saying: You should have voted for her eight years ago."

According to the New York Times, Obama went on to say that he knew Hillary would be a great secretary of state. In defending her after the FBI rebuked her "especially concerning" practice of sending classified and top secret information across her unsecured personal email server, Obama said he stands behind her work as secretary of state because he's had a front-row seat to her ability to make good judgements.

According to TIME reporter Zeke Miller, the White House said the timing of Obama's planned appearance with Hillary shortly after the FBI recommended she not be prosecuted is purely coincidental.