Obama Is Encouraging This Person To Run For President In 2020

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

The Daily Caller reports that President Obama is encouraging Governor Deval Patrick to run for president in 2020. David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, two of Obama’s closest political advisers, are also urging the Massachusetts governor to make a bid for the White House. 

This report comes in the midst of speculations that former Vice President Joe Biden may also run for president, and in fact regrets not running in 2016, despite indicating last year that he was uninterested in ascending to the presidency.  On Sunday the Washington Post released a piece with the headline: “Joe Biden still wants to be president. Can his family endure one last campaign?” Indeed, Biden is considered one of dozens of high profile Democrats who are seriously considering challenging Trump in 2020. 

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s close friend and political adviser, claims that a President Patrick is her top choice for the outcome of 2020. Obama himself, who is personal friends with Patrick and has known him for two decades, counts him among a small group of people whom he thinks has exceptional political talent. As a result, Obama is privately encouraging him to run, according to Politico

“Obama veterans light up at the mention of Patrick’s name,” writes Politico. “In self-assurance, style and politics, they see the former Massachusetts governor as a perfect match, the natural continuation of Obama’s legacy.”

But things might get tricky for the Democratic Party if both Joe Biden and Deval Patrick decide to make a bid for the presidency. The love for Biden remains strong among Obama supporters. And with trips to New Hampshire and Florida, as well as a new book coming out in September 2017, the former Vice President has taken several steps to indicate that he may desires to be the Democratic Party nominee to run against President Donald Trump.

“If you were to poll 100 notable Obama alumni,” remarked a former top Obama White House official to Politico, “the only two people who would win that 2020 straw poll right now are [Joe] Biden and Patrick.”

Currently, it’s unclear whether Governor Patrick is interested in running for president. And he certainly thinks that right now it’s too early to make decisions about running. He has therefore done little to indicate that he will run in 2020.

Meanwhile, Maryland Rep. John Delaney just announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2020, which you can read about here

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