Obama Interferes in Politics, Tells Alabama Voters How to Vote

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

Traditionally, ex-presidents stay out of the political debate. They want to avoid tarnishing their public image. Former President Barack Obama isn't following this trend.

On Monday, Obama weighed in on the Alabama election. He's asking voters to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones.

"This one's serious," Obama says in the robocall. "You can't sit it out."

But Obama isn't just motivating people to go vote. He's telling them to vote Democrat and vote Doug Jones.

Two Democratic officials familiar with the Alabama race tell CNN that Obama recorded the phone message in recent days. That coincided with President Trump's endorsement of Moore.

"Doug Jones is a fighter for equality, for progress," Obama says. "Doug will be our champion for justice. So get out and vote, Alabama."

Obama's message is intended to reach black voters. Their turnout is critical to Democratic success in Alabama.

The push both for and against Moore intensified last month—on the eve of a special election—after sexual misconduct allegations came out against Moore.

The stories, which have drawn national attention, says Moore had inappropriate relationships with teenage girls while he was in his 30s. In two cases, he was accused of sexual abuse or sexual assault.

CNN notes that Obama's call marks just one of his returns to the political stage. Less than a year since he left office, he's campaigned for Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey.

"It's an open question whether Obama or Trump can wield any influence on the race, but the dueling presidential messages underscore the fiercely competitive nature of the Senate contest that has taken on outsized proportions," concluded CNN.

In other news, the latest polls reveal where Moore currently stands in the Alabama race

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