Obama INSULTS Trump Supporters, Says They Weren't Trying To Send A Message

November 22, 2016Nov 22, 2016

On his final apology tour in Europe, President Obama tried to assure other countries that America didn't go completely nuts even though it elected Donald Trump. He did it under the assumption that other countries think we're completely nuts.

Now, according to MRC's NewsBusters, Obama tried to downplay the enormity of Trump's unprecedented defeat of the D.C. establishment, liberal agenda, and mainstream media in a recent interview.

While speaking with German reporters for Der Spiegel, Obama was asked, “Donald Trump won the election, revealing massive discontent and rifts within American society. Did the amount of anger actually surprise you?”

Obama replied, "I think it's important not to overstate what happened. The truth is that America has been closely divided politically for quite some time. That was reflected in some of the challenges I had with the Republican Congress."

After cautioning the media about making too big of a deal out of Trump's incredible and unexpected victory, he then insulted Trump supporters, calling them simply impulsive.

"American politics is always somewhat fluid," Obama said. "I mean, there were probably millions of voters who voted for me and supported me, and this time also voted for Donald Trump, and it just indicates that some of this is less ideological and more just an impulse towards some sort of change."

No big deal. Move on. Move on. Nothing to see here.

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