Obama Defends Black Lives Matter Group, Calls Their Actions “Progress”

December 23, 2015Dec 23, 2015

The Black Lives Matter group has notoriously called for police officers to be shot and killed and led chants against police officers of “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.”  Masquerading as a group for “justice”, BLM targets a few select incidents in which a white police officer was involved in a shooting.

For example, the group has protested the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, despite the fact that Brown had just robbed a store and was trying to take the police officer’s gun.  Contrast that against what happened to 8 year old Jamyla Bolden.  She was gunned down during a drive-by shooting in Ferguson while doing her homework.  There were no protests by the black lives matter group.

According to Breitbart, Obama offered his justification for the actions and rhetoric coming from the Black Lives Matter group.  In an interview with NPR, Obama said “sometimes progress is a little uncomfortable.”


BLM’s distasteful and harmful rhetoric combined with their lack of regard for the lives and families of police officers makes a person wonder just what type of “progress” Obama is championing for. 

Obama believes that the anti-cop rhetoric and actions will somehow be beneficial to the country as a whole and will help police and community relations.  “You know, during that process there’s going to be some noise and some discomfort, but I am absolutely confident that over the long term it leads to a fair, more just, healthier America,” Obama said.

Obama is not the only one to pander to the offensive and anti-police group.  All three of the Democratic presidential candidates have met with representatives of the group. 

The president and those running for the presidency should know better than to try to divide people by race.