Obama Breaks His Silence About ISIS And Has A Simple Three Word Message For Them

December 14, 2015Dec 14, 2015

President Obama addressed the nation today.  He tried to show the world that he hasn’t forgot about the threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism that the world faces.  Of course, he did not use the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”  Nor did he refer to ISIS, instead using the term “ISIL.”


According to CNN, Obama had a message for the terrorists that will surely strike fear in them.  “ISIL leaders cannot hide, and our next message to them is simple: You are next.”

The president was also quick to take credit for Russia’s brutal and effective war against ISIS.  “Every day, we destroy as well more of ISIL’s forces, their fighting positions, bunkers, and staging areas; their heavy weapons, bomb-making factories, compounds and training camps.  In many places, ISIL has lost its freedom of maneuver because they know if they mass their forces, we will wipe them out,” Obama said.

To give Obama credit, he is finally coming to terms with the significant threat that ISIS poses to the world.  “We are recognizing that progress needs to keep coming faster,” he said, “Nobody knows it more than the countless Syrians and people living under the terror, and the people in San Bernardino and Paris and elsewhere who are grieving the loss of their ones.”

Americans can only hope that this means Obama will take a more active role in defeating ISIS.