Obama Takes Jab at President Trump During Mandela Event

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

It's no secret that Barack Obama and President Trump aren't the best of friends. They two have spent years criticizing one another and defending their own actions and policies.

Since taking office, President Trump has done a lot to set himself apart as Commander-in-Chief. He has rid the White House and the country of certain policies or practices that were implemented by the Obama administration.

Barack has remained relatively quiet about his successor. However, he has jumped into the mix and offered his opinions from time to time. Now, he is taking a jab at President Trump once again.

"Barack Obama appeared to critique his successor during a panel discussion marking the late Nelson Mandela’s birthday at Washington's Museum of African American History and Culture. In videos posted online of the discussion, Obama said: 'Leaders who feed fear typically are also ones who avoid facts,'" according to Fox.

The video below shows the comment and the speech Obama gave. It was determined to be a criticism of President Trump specially.

Fox reports that Obama has avoided openly criticizing Trump since leaving office, with his most direct attack coming ahead of the 2018 midterms when he accused Trump of “capitalizing on resentment that politicians have been fanning for years.”

It will be interesting to see if President Trump responds. We all know he is not shy about speaking his mind, especially when personally attacked.

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