Obama Blames Politics Not Hillary For Her Illegal Actions; Calls Her Crimes A ‘Mistake’.

October 13, 2015Oct 13, 2015

Even though Hillary Clinton has recently tried to distance herself from Obama’s administration and policies, he has come to her rescue to try and minimize the illegal practice she engaged in during her time as the Secretary of State.


According to Fox News, Obama sat down for an interview with 60 minutes this past Sunday.  When talking about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Obama said “She made a mistake.  She has acknowledged it.  I do think that the way it’s been ginned up is in part because of politics.  I think she’d be the first to acknowledge that maybe she could have handled the original decision better an the disclosures more quickly.”

While it may have been a “mistake”, it is also against the law for those in office to have classified materials on their private computers.  CBS interviewer Steve Kroft pointed out that Obama and his administration had prosecuted individuals for possessing classified information.  When asked about that glaring hypocrisy, Obama said that he didn’t think Hillary was trying to “hide something or to squirrel away information.

Since it doesn’t fit his political agenda, it doesn’t sound like Obama will be prosecuting Hillary anytime soon.  If she had been a Republican though, you can bet she would have been in in jail the moment her illegal actions came to light.

Are you sick of this double standard coming from Washington?