Obama Admin Compares Anti-Trump Protesters To The Founding Fathers. Yes, Really…

May 01, 2016May 01, 2016

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest firmly put both feet in his mouth on Friday when he tried to justify the actions of the violent anti-Trump protestors that have been attacking both Trump supporters and police property outside of Trump rallies in California.

“This country was started by a bunch of protestors,” Earnest concluded. “Some of whom decided they were pretty unhappy about taxes and threw some barrels of tea into the Boston harbor. So there is a history of protest in this country.”

Apparently in the eyes of the Obama administration, America’s founders are viewed in the same light as angry liberals who demand that the political opposition be silenced because they don’t like what they are saying.

According to the Blaze, Earnest tried to walk back his ridiculous comparison. “While people surely should take advantage of the history and tradition in this country of engaging in political protest, to do so with some respect for the system and the country and the government and to ensure that protest isn’t a source of violence, doesn’t incite violence,” Earnest said. “The protest should not be used to drown out the ability of other people to participate in our political system or to participate in the political debate.”

While Earnest did say that that protests shouldn’t be used for violence, he stopped far short of condemning the actions of the protestors.  In fact, only Trump has received condemnation from Obama and his press secretary thus far.