NYC Terrorist’s Father Drops BOMBSHELL About His Son And What The FBI Knew Years Ago

September 20, 2016Sep 20, 2016

As New York and New Jersey recover from the latest radical Islamic terrorist attack to be conducted on U.S. soil, many people around the country are left wondering: How could this happen? How could the authorities not have known about the terrorist? 

In a shocking revelation, the terrorist’s father, Mohammad Rahami revealed that the FBI knew about his son for more than two years! According to Breitbart, Rahami called the FBI in 2014 and reported him as a potential terrorist. Despite Rahami alerting the authorities and turning his own son in, nothing happened.

Rahami’s son, Ahmed reportedly spent 3 months in jail in 2014 for stabbing his own brother in the leg. At that time, Rahami alerted officials that his son was potentially far more dangerous. He later said that he told the authorities his son was a potential terrorist merely out of anger.

Apparently the FBI believed Rahami when he said he was just angry, because they only conducted the most basic of investigations. It was more of an assessment than anything. They interviewed Rahami but it is not known if they even talked to his son.

Had the authorities taken the terroristic threat seriously two years ago, they could have prevented this attack from happening.