NYC Mayor Eric Adams Tests Positive For COVID-19

Eric Adams, NYC mayor, tested positive for Covid-19.

 “At this time, the mayor has no other symptoms, but he is already isolating and will be canceling all public events for the remainder of the week,” said his press secretary Fabien Levy in a statement per Politico. “He will continue to service New Yorkers by working remotely.” 

Adams was seen at many events in the past week, without a mask.

“This is New York City’s Fifth Wave. It’s amazing that we have been through five of them so far. In the last month, cases have tripled. The number of hospitalizations is increasing, but they are still very low,” Mark Levine (President Manhattan Borough), told ABC7. “So, it is still a good time to be cautious. It is not the time to close down the city. It is not the time to barricade everyone in their apartments, but it is the time to be cautious.