NY Sparks Massive Public Outrage from Christians After Legalizing Abortions on Baby's Birth Days

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

For decades, abortion has been deemed one of the most controversial political issues. Typically, liberals push for women to have free choice, while conservatives honor God’s plan for that unborn baby’s life. However, even a number of left-leaning people agree that late-term abortions — abortions performed much later in the pregnancy, usually at a point where the baby could survive if born at that time — should be illegal.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the state of New York lifted restrictions on late-term abortions. Previously, abortions were illegal after 24 weeks and could be punishable up to seven years in prison, according to CBN News. Under the new Reproductive Health Act, abortions can be performed all the way up until the baby’s date of birth without any penalty.

New York’s actions sparked massive public outrage from the Christian community. Many high-profile conservative Christian voices, including Matt Walsh, singer Kaya Jones, and president of Live Action Lila Rose, took to social media to speak out against the new act.

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