Now That Trump Is The Nominee, THIS Is Why The #NeverTrump Movement Must Be Put To Rest

May 05, 2016May 05, 2016

It’s official. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee after a long and vicious primary season. It has been one of the most brutal election cycles in recent history and we still haven’t even gotten to the general election.

During the Republican primaries, two dangerous and damaging camps emerged on social media. They were #NeverTrump and #NeverCruz.  They resulted from the war of words and insults that erupted from both campaigns, and yes, both campaigns are to blame equally. It does not matter from which candidate the first insult came because each candidate escalated it to a higher level.

The Trump campaign accused Cruz of lying and the Cruz campaign accused Trump of being a false conservative. Then fans of each candidate took the insults to entirely new levels and engaged in such heated discussions and name-calling sessions over Twitter and Facebook, that they caused a greater divide in the Republican party that ever existed before.

Prior to the first insult and negative advertisement, Trump and Cruz were generally on the same page. The held events together and championed a lot of the same issues. They were both outsiders who saw that Washington was inherently broken.  Now that Trump is the legitimate Republican nominee, it’s time to put the #NeverTrump movement to rest. Here’s why:

Even if Trump was not your first choice, he is still to the right of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton and Sanders have no intention of championing any Republican values. In fact, they want to take the country even further left than Obama has.  They unequivocally stand for abortions, extreme gun control and religious discrimination.  They continue to pander to race baiting activists and continue to force the LGBT agenda upon the entire country.  With Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, you know exactly what you will be getting.

Those who stay at home and refuse to vote because their specific candidate didn’t get the nomination will absolutely be accountable if Clinton or Sanders is elected. Clinton is currently leading head to head against Trump in most national polls. You can say you won't vote for Trump because of your "principals" and "conscience" but in doing so you are casting a vote, a vote that says you don't care if the country continues further down the path that it is on. Sitting back and doing nothing to try stop the progressive tide is an action in itself.

No one candidate is without flaws, Trump included. He may have recently became a Christian and recently joined the Pro-life movement, but Clinton and Sanders have not and will never make that switch. If all the conservatives and republicans were to unite behind Trump, there could be a potential end in sight for the liberal, politically correct, and downright dangerous liberal agenda that Obama started and will no doubt continue if Clinton or Sanders is elected.

If Trump even delivers one-tenth of what he is promising on the campaign trail, that is still 100% more than what Clinton or Sanders will do for Republican and Conservative principles.