North Korean Nuclear Disaster Causes Hundreds of Deaths

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

On Tuesday, news emerged about a nuclear mishap in North Korea that resulted in hundreds of deaths. The accident took place near North Korea's Punggye-ri facility, a test site for nuclear weapons. 

North Korean leaders failed to heed the warnings about the dangerous site and kept people in the area. Scientists had warned that the mountain where the facility was held has become unstable after several other nuclear tests were performed there, and said that there could be a radioactive fallout. 

Now, the unstable ground has resulted in a collapse and hundreds of deaths. Reportedly, the collapse of an unfinished tunnel caused at least 100 deaths. Sadly, another 100 people died while attempting to rescue the first group. 

The land became unstable due to multiple small earthquakes and nuclear tests. On September 3, North Korea conducted their sixth-ever nuclear test. The test was with a 100-kiloton explosive, around 7 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 

Now, the disaster is causing fear about a radioactive leak that was previously warned about. Experts were concerned that a collapse in the mountain could cause radioactive waste to be released throughout the country and into China.

Even if the collapse did not result in a radioactive leak, it will still undoubtedly slow North Korea's nuclear progress.

According to The Sun, the collapse occurred while construction workers were making repairs on the underground tunnel. The chair of the China Nuclear Society, Wang Naiyan, said that the potential devastation should cause North Korea to stop their testing. 

He said, "A 100 kiloton bomb is a relatively large bomb. The North Korean government should stop the tests as they pose a huge threat not only to North Korea but to other countries, especially China.”

Only time will tell if this collapse will cause Kim Jong Un to cease nuclear testing in that area. The collapse only proves what experts were warning: that the land is too unstable for conducting tests. 

Please be praying for the families of the innocent construction workers who lost their lives. Pray for wisdom for our military and nation's leaders during this time of uncertainty as well. For other breaking news, a TV host passed out on live show after a Halloween costume mishap.

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