N Korea Spreads Anti-US Propaganda Through Children's Cartoon After Trump Threat

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017

Tensions have been rapidly rising between North Korea and the United States ever since President Trump’s inauguration in January. This week, that tension escalated even further when North Korean leaders said that they are making plans to strike U.S. territory. After the threat, President Trump made it known that he will not back down.

With suspicious timing, on Wednesday morning a children’s cartoon aired on North Korean state television. While, to the outside observer, the show seems to send a positive, playful message, the hidden message in it is clear: North Korea will not be “bullied” by the United States.

The home-produced cartoon, “The Hedgehog Defeats the Tiger,” begins with a group of animal friends who head into the forest. The leader of the group is a rabbit wearing a red armband, and the group quickly encounters an “arrogant” tiger, who is characterized as a bully.

The main character of the story is a small hedgehog. When the group encounters the tiger, the hedgehog uses its spines and wits to defeat it, forcing the tiger to run away.

As the tiger leaves, the hedgehog’s forest friends begin celebrating the small animal on its bravery and tactical genius. While they were reluctantly on the tiger’s side in the beginning, they were thankful that someone would go against it.

So, what does this cartoon story have to do with North Korea and the United States? According to BBC, it follows a long history of North Korean media using their outlets to propel agendas.

Recently, the Korean state news agency KCNA published an article that referred to the cartoon. The publication noted that the tiger could represent America, the hedgehog could represent North Korea, and the other animals could represent other countries in the world.

The headline of the article was “US had better refrain from running amok,” and Korean worker Kim Jong-son said that American “ignorance” reminds him of that cartoon.

He said, “In sharp contrast to the brave hedgehog, the characters of big animals winced at the swashbuckling tiger, reminding me of the present reality where no-one questions America. Watching them, I am very proud of the invincible might of my country.”

What do you think about this? Do you think that the showing of the cartoon was just a coincidence or political propaganda? If you want to find out about the harsh words that President Trump said about North Korea after their nuclear threats, read about it here.

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