North Korea just Released new Propaganda, Attack Threats Heightened

August 17, 2017Aug 17, 2017

Tensions have been escalating between North Korea and the United States ever since U.S. intelligence analysts discovered that North Korea was producing a miniature nuclear warhead. Since then, there has been back and forth rhetoric between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un, each threatening the other.

On Monday, it seemed as though Kim Jong Un was backing down from his persistence after President Trump released statements about bringing “fire and fury” to them. North Korea media reported that they were holding off on their plans to attack the U.S. territory of Guam.

While they admitted they were suspending plans, Kim Jong Un made it clear that they were at liberty to change their minds whenever they felt necessary. He said that he would be watching the “foolishness” of the United States, and would be ready to attack if the situation arose.

Now, North Korea’s latest propaganda is causing questions to stir about their intentions. Their newest posters that were released on Thursday show them bombing the United States as their “answer” to the latest UN sanctions.

The illustrations show the Pyongyang warheads bombing the Capitol Building, the U.S. flag, and the outline of the country itself. Reportedly, the captions indicate that the “entire region of the state [U.S.] is now within range of [North Korea’s] missiles.”

Other captions read, “Our answer,” and “No one can stop our way!” These illustrations came just a day after President Trump tweeted that Kim Jong Un had made a wise decision in backing down.

He said, “Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been catastrophic and unacceptable!”

What do you think about this? Are these posters and indication of what North Korea will attempt? Please continue praying for our country in this time. For more breaking news, read our latest article about the shocking update in Natalee Holloway’s case as remains were found.

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