North Korea Gives Frightening Statement About Possible Attack At This U.S. Location

August 29, 2017Aug 29, 2017

Recently, tensions between the United States and North Korea have been escalating. After North Korea recently threatened Guam, President Trump responded by threatening “fire and fury” back at them.

Since then, things have been relatively quiet between the nations. However, North Korea recently conducted a missile launch that flew over Japan and startled many people around the globe.

The North Koreans have also said they will be conducting more ballistic rocket launching drills aimed at the Pacific. When asked about the missile over Japan, the North Korean’s gave a frightening answer.

“North Korea is calling its recent missile launch over Japan a 'prelude' to military operations directed at the U.S. territory of Guam, North Korean state media said Tuesday,” according to The Hill.

For residents who live in Guam, the statement is shocking. Thousands of people inhabit the tiny island in the Pacific. Strategically, it is a good target for North Korea to attack.

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