Nordstrom’s New Unique Product Sparks ‘WHY?!’ Reactions

March 13, 2017Mar 13, 2017

Nordstrom, which has been in major headlines for dropping the Ivanka Trump brand, recently started selling a new pair of 'mom' jeans called ‘Clear Knew Mom Jeans’.

This unique clothing item made by ‘Topshop’ costs $95 and is meant to give a futuristic feel.

The jeans are currently rated at 5 stars and have extremely positive reviews on their website:

“I’ve always loved my kneecaps. So when I saw this pair of see-through kneecapped jeans, I had to get my hands on them! YOLO.”

“I love these pants, Very comfortable and stylish Finding these was a great start to my 2017. Going to be a great year!”

However, many people think the pair of pants is absolutely ridiculous, including Matt Walsh.

Others comment:

“You know you need to stop online shopping when you come across “Clear knee mom jeans” like why? And who? And what?”

"Clear knee mom jeans. I hope this doesn't become a thing..."

Some are appalled that Nordstrom would sell such an 'ugly' clothing item, but not Ivanka's line.

"Well they dropped Ivanka's line and then bring this crap, worthless."

"They're as ugly as sin! If this is what they're using to replace their Ivanka line, they're really in trouble..LOL!!"

What are your thoughts on these mom jeans- new fashion trend or just a laughing matter?

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