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It’s not easy to lose weight. Period. Getting fit in a healthy way is simply tough, especially if you’re dealing with a sudden, unexpected shift in your lifestyle, as many of us did in the past couple of years. Luckily, to make a change, we didn’t have to shell out cash to a personal trainer or make consistent visits to a nutritionist. It was as easy as downloading an app!

Noom is different. It’s an app-driven wellness program with one-on-one coaching, a focus on cognitive behavior therapy, personal training, dieting and so much more for long-term results from just one source. There’s a free trial available too so you can see if it’s right you before committing!

Signing up for your free trial will open doors to a world full of achievable goals. You won’t be messaging with a different person every time you log on. Your coach will get to know you and your preferences, as well as your budget, goals, lifestyle and other details.

Our special link will allow you to receive a 14-day trial of Noom for free!

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Is Noom right for you?

The app will initiate a conversation with a Noom goal specialist.

Noom could be just what you’re looking for if:

  • You have difficulty sticking to diets such as keto, paleo and Atkins.
  • You have a dietary preference or restriction that’s preventing you from cooking/eating what you want
  • You can’t find the motivation to work out or can’t find a fitness activity you can enjoy
  • You’re on a budget and can’t afford a personal trainer or expensive gym membership
  • You’ve had success with diets before but fell into a yo-yo dieting cycle, losing weight and then instantly regaining it
  • You want to be able keep up with your kids and have enough stamina
  • You need to understand the psychology of weight gain and loss.
  • You simply don’t know where to start

How does it work?


You can find lessons and quizzes on the Noom app.

Noom‘s growing popularity and the impressive results people are seeing speak for themselves. But what exactly is it? How does it work exactly?

  • All Goal Specialists are certified in cognitive behavior therapy. This will help you keep your mind on track. This is a huge thing that separates Noom from the rest — a focus on changing your everyday habits and behaviors so your success can become a lifetime of health and wellness. It can be a game-changer to find the root cause of bad habits and learn how to avoid triggers.


  • Noom will personalize your experience based on your goals, body type and athleticism. Your Goal Specialist will provide one-on-one support with frequent check-ins and can offer advice based on your life. This could be for anything: you may have an event coming up, feel anxious, or want to go vegetarian. They are always available to answer questions and offer endless encouragement and suggestions.


  • Noom combines psychology, nutrition, and dieting to make it a comprehensive program that you can consult for any aspect of weight loss and/or fitness. It even has tools like a food tracking system and a step tracker so you can see exactly how well you’re doing. Plus, you’ll get to connect with other Noomers who are in the same boat!

Noom seemingly has the answers to every problem, and that’s why it’s the best of the best. You’re going to find serious joy in working toward goals both big and small with Noom!

Pros and cons of Noom


Noom Goal Specialist provides encouragement to Noom users on the app.


  • One program that covers both diet and exercise, plus more, so you don’t need to consult multiple companies/coaches
  • This program is designed to help you stay true to your healthy lifestyle and goals over the long-term, not just temporarily
  • Check-ins can be made with your Goal Specialist, and you can communicate with other users on the app to help you hold yourself accountable
  • Teach you about diet, fitness, and other topics so that you can better understand the implications.
  • This will help you understand your weaknesses, triggers, and how you can avoid or dispel them.
  • You can do this all from your home


  • After your 14-day trial, Noom will cost money, so it’s only free for a short time
  • Because it’s app-based, you won’t be able to get real-life help from your Goal Specialist with exercises, etc.
  • Noom does NOT create video workouts

Noom’s 2-Week Trial, Explained


An example of a question on Noom’s introductory quiz.

Noom offers two weeks of free use of its app. This gives you enough time to get to know it and explore its many features. After two weeks, you’ll be able to decide if you want to continue and explore even more of what the program has to offer!

It’s totally simple to get started! You just need to take a quick quiz, not the one you can fail, to determine your goals. Noom will also ask about your current lifestyle and food habits. etc. It’s customized right from the beginning. You’ll answer basic questions about your height, weight and age, and then you can pick out what types of foods you like to eat and how often you eat throughout the day. You’ll also answer questions about physical and mental health conditions — because these can affect your diet and fitness routine too!

We love it when you see that right at the beginning. Some diet plans can sometimes fail because of this. The quiz can take less than a minute to complete, and at the end you’ll enter your email to see an estimate of your potential results and get started with your Noom trial. You don’t have to deal with any annoying phone calls or long consultations. If you need to chat more, you’ll have your Goal Specialist!

You’ll learn quickly that part of why Noom is great is that there isn’t a huge time commitment. You can spend as much time as you like exploring recipes and articles on Noom. Want to go on vacation but need to take a break? No problem. Super determined? Keep the app icon visible on your home screen

After 14 days, your free trial will turn into a paid plan, though you have money-saving options with that — we’ll explain below!

How much does Noom cost after the trial?

After the two-week trial, you can continue with Noom at a reduced price. This isn’t going to cost the same as hiring a personal nutritionist or trainer at the gym — or even using another app — and the good news is that if you sign up for a longer plan, you’ll save more money.

It will cost $59. If you sign up only for one month of Noom, it will cost you $59. It will cost you $17 per month if you sign up to Noom for a 12-month period. That’s a huge difference! You can also sign up for three, four and five month plans. These plans all have descending pricing. The full year plan however is the best value.

Is Noom worth paying for?

If you’re committed to making a positive change, you may do so with Noom for much less money than you might elsewhere. A gym membership costs at least $40 per month. However, a full-year membership to Noom costs less than half of that. Personal trainers and nutritionists charge an average of $60 per hour!

How do I cancel Noom


Noom’s subscription portal where you can cancel your membership.

Do you need to cancel after a while? Or do you feel Noom is not the right fit for your needs? Cancel your trial or subscription in the app by going to Settings and clicking “Manage Subscriptions.” Simply follow the steps to cancel from there. You can also cancel via the subscription portal from your computer. You’ll still have access to all of your subscription features until the end of your billing cycle!

Noom vs. WW

Noom and Weight Watchers (formerly known as WW) have many similarities but also have fundamental differences. Noom uses a color-coding system, while WW uses SmartPoints. Noom also automatically comes with weekly check-ins with your Goal Specialist, while WW offers different plans that do or don’t provide coaching, depending on what you pay.

Noom Recipe Examples

As we mentioned, among the many things that Noom provides to you is an ever-growing list of delicious and healthy recipes so you can start happily cooking from home more often, even if you don’t consider yourself an experienced chef.

You’ll find things like sandwich-free lunch recipes, such as a Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl, green smoothie recipes that actually taste good, like the Tiki Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss, ultra-simple slow cooker recipes like Crockpot Italian Potatoes or Pumpkin Spice Seedy Slow Cooker Granola and even no-bake desserts like Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies!

Meal prep may even actually become an enjoyable part of your routine with Noom, and it can certainly help make things easier for you throughout the week, whether you’re bringing lunch to the office or trying to stop yourself from snacking too much at home. You can still enjoy your favorite sweets too though — just let your Goal Specialist help you plan!

The Bottom Line

Noom is sure to impress during your initial two-week trial, but it’s always full of surprises — so you can count on long-term success when you keep with it. There’s no better time to sign-up than now. Even when life comes at you fast, as long as you’re feeling strong, focusing on your wellness and setting yourself up with the proper support, we know you can handle it. This is a limited-time deal, so let’s do this thing!

It’s there!

Sign up for a free trial of Noom while it’s still available!

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