No Need To Have a Wallet or Microchip, Just Pay With the Vein in Your Finger

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

A UK supermarket has become the first in the world to let shoppers pay for groceries using the veins in their fingertips.

The London Telegraph reports that customers at the Costcutter store, at Brunel University in London, can now pay using their distinctive vein pattern to identify themselves. 

The firm behind the technology, Sthaler, has said it is in "serious talks" with other big UK supermarkets.

It works by using infrared to scan people's finger veins and then links this unique biometric map to a bank account.

Sthaler, the firm behind the technology, claims vein technology is the most secure biometric identification method as it cannot be copied or stolen.

The firm is also in discussions with nightclubs, gyms about using the technology to verify membership.

Last month, a US company in Wisconsin made huge headlines by implanting microchips in some of their 

The chips will allow employees to, with a wave of their hand, unlock doors, purchase food, use copy machines, log into their computers by enabling the chip in their hand to be scanned.

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