No More "Amazing Grace?" Franklin Graham Shares What Could've Happened Had These Christians Not Stood Up...

July 25, 2016Jul 25, 2016

How many of our religious liberties will be taken from us? The answer may be: As many as we let be stolen. Franklin Graham shared two posts, just days apart, that show how powerful Christians can be when they stand up for their faith and their rights. He first posted about a school that was going to ban the singing of "Amazing Grace" because of a complaint.


But then, just a day later, Graham was able to celebrate that the voices and prayers of Christians had risen up and been heard.



There's quite a lesson here for Christians, as Graham points out. If we are silent, we will be robbed of our religious freedoms. It's sad that people would want to take them, but it's the reality of our culture today. Aren't you glad that these Christians stood up?