No Mall Ban: Roy Moore Presents 3 Top Testimonies in His Defense

November 21, 2017Nov 21, 2017

As U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore battles accusations from several women that he sexually harassed or abused them when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens, one of the key claims brought up against him as evidence of his alleged pattern of lewd and gross behavior was that he was banned from a local mall.

The New Yorker broke the mall story last week about long-held rumors that Moore had been barred from the Gadsden Mall “for his inappropriate behavior of soliciting sex from young girls.”

Local law enforcement officials told the New Yorker that they were aware of the rumor of the ban but could not confirm it. A former mall employee, though, claims that a police officer told him to let him know if Moore showed up at the mall. When the New Yorker asked the officer to confirm the claim, he refused to comment.

Monday evening, Moore’s campaign released three testimonies to dispute the existence of the mall ban, according to Here are those testimonies:

— "'In my 26 years working at Gadsden Mall, I never heard anything about Roy Moore being banned from the mall or any other mention of issues concerning him. As the Operations Manager overseeing Mall Security, I would have been aware of something like that.' - Johnny Adams, employed by the Gadsden Mall for 26 years and was the Operations Manager for 14 years, overseeing mall security.

— "'As an employee of the Gadsden Mall for Morrison's Cafeteria Corporation from the late 1970's through the mid-2000's, I would like to put forth a statement in regards to the allegations against Judge Roy Moore. During my time at the Gadsden Mall, I formed many lifelong relationships including one with Barnes Boyle and his wife, Brenda. Barnes Boyle was manager of the Gadsden Mall and Brenda was my manager at Morrison's Cafeteria for many years. Because of this relationship, I was abreast on the latest situations that happened throughout the Gadsden Mall during that time period. There was a prominent man of Etowah County, whom is now deceased that was banned for reasons such as the allegations against Judge Moore. However, due to respect for the family, I decline to reveal his name. Despite allegations against other patrons of the mall, I never heard of Roy Moore's name come in conversation with any such misconduct against women or a supposed banning from the Gadsden Mall.' - Johnnie V. Sanders, employee of Gadsden Mall from late 70's to mid-2000's.

— "'We did have written reports and things. To my knowledge, he {Moore} was not banned from the mall.' - Barnes Boyle, Former Manager of the Gadsden Mall (1981-1986)."

The press release, written by Moore’s campaign strategist Brett Doster, calls the mall ban claim merely an attack by Moore’s opponents, including those in the liberal media. He said the goodness of Moore’s character is affirmed by those who know him best.

Meanwhile, residents in the city of Gadsden are complaining that their community has become a media circus, according to The swarm of news trucks and the negative news about Moore have damaged their city’s feel and reputation, they say.

"This has broken my heart. I've lived here 30 years. I love this town," said resident Kim Back.

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