No Way Home’ Was Ruined

Reddit user has gone viral after sharing his experience at the theaters with Spider-Man. The post is about a crying baby that ruined his experience at the movie theaters. 

Crying Baby Made ‘Everyone’s Viewing Experience Worse’

In his post, the man says that a couple sat near him in the theater – along with their baby. “Throughout every emotional and major scene in the movie the baby was crying or screaming and frankly made the movie significantly less enjoyable,” he wrote. “The mother took the baby out only once after it had been shrieking for 5 straight minutes, despite it constantly making noise for about 1/3 of the movie, and once she came back it started to work itself up again.”

“I don’t understand why you can’t get a baby sitter for your baby for the 3 hours you’re going to be at the movies, but instead have to bring the baby to the theaters and actively make everyone’s viewing experience worse,” he continued. “​​ Theaters really need to ban babies.” 

Many Reddit users agree

This suggestion was popular even among parents of young children. Others were less supportive, noting that rowdy teenagers can also be distracting in a movie. Reddit users shared their support by commenting on the original post. 

One person wrote, “Why would parents want their child to be in a dark movie theater where there is loud talking, yelling, fighting and god knows what else coming off the screen? Any baby would be terrified.”

Another commenter posted, “Some people probably highly disagree but as a mother of three, I highly agree. A movie theater should not be a place for children under five years old who are impatient. This is especially true considering the cost. People want to go see their movies in peace and not have to worry about screaming baby’s/kids.” 

UK’s Solution To The Problem

It’s a problem that some theaters are already working on solving. In the UKMany movie theaters offer soft lighting, lower volume, and the ability for children to move freely around the theater. 

These screenings are for children aged 3 and under. These screenings will not be held for action movies with PG-13 ratings. Spider-Man. However, as many Reddit users pointed out, babies and young children probably shouldn’t be seeing a movie with a higher rating than PG.