No One Will Believe These Stylish Strappy Sandals Are Crocs!

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It’s the great debate: Are you Team Crocs or not? We haven’t witnessed this much discussion over questionable footwear fashion since the release of Uggs! To be honest, we’re on the fence. It all depends on what style of shoe you choose! We did find one pair of Crocs that we all agreed is very stylish. And the best part is, no one will even know they’re Crocs.

Crocs are not only beautiful, but they also have many therapeutic benefits. Harold Glickman was the former president and CEO of the American Podiatric Medical Association.,Submitted WebMD, “I recommend them to patients all the time, and I wear them all the time. I wear them when I’m operating for three or four hours at a time and I get the sense I’m standing on water — no leg pain, no back pain and no arch pain.”*

The Tulum sandal is just like original Crocs and is super-lightweight and flexible, for complete comfort. This season, the Grecian style is in fashion! These strappy sandals from Zappos will put a spring in your step.


It’s Amazing!

Zappos offers the Crocs Tulum Sandal for as low as $35

Crocs’ Tulum Sandal sandal is ideal for spring and the summer. This sandal is simple enough for warm weather, yet stylish enough to stand out from the crowd. This sandal is made from soft Matlite material and a Croslite sole. The slight heel gives it a lift. Crocs comfort without the Crocs look

Six different colors are available. If you’re looking for a neutral shade to add to your shoe rotation, we’d recommend trying the black, tan or white. You can spice things up with red, lavender, and black glitter. So many options, so few time!

lavender Crocs sandals

It’s Amazing!

Get the Crocs Tulum Sandal starting at just $35 at Zappos!

This modern sandal style is being praised by shoppers just like all Crocs! “I never thought I would be wearing Crocs but these are the most comfortable everyday sandals I’ve ever worn,” one customer gushed. “Very light and cushioned.” Another reviewer declared, “These are the best sandals I’ve ever owned!! They are very comfortable and last me all day. They get many compliments, too. My friends were shocked to find out they were Crocs and ended up ordering some for them!” And one shopper said, “These are so cute! Walked in these forever and my feet never once hurt!” Dreams really do come true.

We must say that we are now Crocs converts after discovering these sandals! The comfortable and chic Tulum Sandal from Zappos is a great way to join Crocs!

You should see it! Get the Crocs Tulum Sandal starting at just $35 at Zappos!

*Glickman may have been referring the original style of Crocs.

Are you not sure what style you prefer? Explore more from Crocs here and shop all other sandals at Zappos here!

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