Nipsey Hustle Memorial to Have Heavily Armed Security, Effort to 'Avoid Chaos'

April 10, 2019Apr 10, 2019

Nipsey Hustle was recently gunned down in the streets of Los Angeles by a man who was angry with him. Hustle died in the parking lot outside of a clothing store that he owned. He was only 33-years old.

The nation, and the world of hip-hop music, immediately expressed their condolences online. Many were shocked to learn of Hustle's untimely death. Prayers poured in from around the globe.

Now, a memorial service is being planned for the late rap artist. Fans are set to gather at the Staples Center arena in Los Angeles to pay tribute to Hustle.

"Sources familiar with Nipsey's Celebration of Life at the Staples Center arena this Thursday tell us there will be an abundance of security from multiple agencies and organizations -- all with the intention of keeping the memorial peaceful and drama-free," reported TMZ.

Security will be tight at the event. Hustle transcended communities and cultures and many rival demographics listed to his music.

"We're told security on hand Thursday will feature a mix of muscle -- from members of the LAPD, members of the Nation of Islam, as well as Staples Center personnel. Our sources say the LAPD is only on hand to offer assistance ... helping to move traffic, keep the peace and to step in if needed," according to reports.

The added security comes after chaos broke out at a vigil for Hustle this past week. Two people were shot during this incident. Police are still searching for those responsible.

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