Inspirational Nine Year Old Who Knows No Limitations

May 26, 2015May 26, 2015

9 year old Ezra Frech was born with one finger on his left hand and a leg that had to be amputated when he was only two years old.  He asked God why he had been born this way and to “please give him a leg”.

Despite stares and whispers from other children, Ezra refuses to let his situation keep him from being a normal kid.  He turned to sports to rise above physical limitations.  The competition and pressure of sports fuels his inner fire.

Ezra does not dwell on what he was not born with.  He is thankful for what he has, the life he lives, and the family he was born into.

Watch this inspiring video.  It will make you thankful for what you have and will change your outlook on life.