Nikki Haley Uses Her Faith in Lord Jesus as Reasoning Behind Supporting Israel: 'We Stand With Israel'

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

It is no secret that Israel has been fighting a tough battle for decades. The country is constantly being attacked or condemned and has fought hard to maintain their values and beliefs.

Recently, the United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, delivered a powerful speech at the Christians United for Israel Summit. Haley has become a household name since being appointed by President Trump. She has fearlessly fought for her beliefs and her Christian values every step of the way.

"The United Nations is an interesting place. There are times when it can be a force for good," she said. "The UN can also be an enormously frustrating and bizarre place. Nowhere is that more pronounced than in the truly awful way that the UN has treated Israel for decades," said Haley.

She then went on to discuss President Trump's leadership before opening up about her own faith in Jesus.

"Change comes with leadership and clarity from the United States. That leadership and clarity was on full display when President Trump made the bold and right decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem. Jerusalem has historically been, is now, and will always be the capital of Israel," she continued.

Many people were surprised to learn she hasn't always been a Christian.

"I am not Jewish, even though that surprises some people. I was not raised as a Christian either. Twenty years ago, my faith journey brought me to Christianity, where I have found strength in my faith and trust in my heart," she explained. "But I am also a person who is humble in her faith. I don't claim to have the wisdom of what God has in store for me or for other people," Haley continued. "What I do know is that God has blessed America with greatness and with goodness and I know that in the dangerous world we live in, it is absolutely critical for America to stand up and have the backs of our friends."

She then concluded her speech with a powerful note and said: "We stand with Israel."

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