Here are UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's Potential Replacements After Shocking Resignation

October 09, 2018Oct 09, 2018

On Tuesday, October 9, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made the shocking announcement that she is resigning. Haley will leave her prestigious role at the end of the year. 

Haley was a highly-respected top official in the White House and her departure is leaving a major gap. However, Haley noted that she believes in term limits and that she feels it is time to be selfless and let someone else come in and do the job. 

Now, one question remains. Who will take over the role as UN Ambassador? 

President Trump spoke out in the Oval Office when Haley announced her departure. He said that many people would want her position. 

He said, "I think she's helped make it such a better position...She's made it a more glamorous position, she's made it, more importantly, a more important position...We have many people that are very, very much interested in doing that."

President Trump noted that he will talk with Haley and "the general," most likely referring to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, regarding the possible candidates. 

Now, Newsweek has reported that there are a few top possibilities for candidates.

The report noted that last year when rumors circulated surrounding Haley being promoted to secretary of state, some thought that Ivanka Trump would take over as UN Ambassador. However, it would most likely be difficult for either Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner, both highly respected by Haley, to be approved by the Senate for the position as it may conflict with anti-nepotism laws. 

Many people believe that Dina Powell, President Trump's former deputy national security adviser, might be a candidate. Powell's departure from the White House was amicable, and she played a key role in Trump's Middle East policy. 

Another person that is being rumored as a potential candidate is Richard Grenell, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. He is the longest serving appointee at the UN in history. Additionally, he has a close relationship with national security adviser John Bolton. 

What do you think about some of these options? Can you think of someone else for the position? In other recent news, Melania just visited an epic location with her most unique look yet.