Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Are Officially Married

Artem Chigvintsev & Nikki Bella

It’s official! Nikki BellaAnd Artem ChigvintsevAre married for more than two years after having their first child.

“We said I DO, can’t wait to share the entire journey with you all when our four-part special event series, ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do,’ premieres on @eentertainment. #NikkiBellaSaysIDo,” Bella, 38, captioned an Instagram photo on Monday, August 29, of her and Chigvintsev, 40, on their special day in Paris, France.

The pair first met when they were together on season 25. Dancing With the StarsBella was still engaged while she was doing this. John Cena. Bella, 45, split from the wrestler and Bella continued her relationship with the ballroom dancer in January 2019. They announced their engagement in the following year, and they welcomed their son, Matteo in July 2020.

Their wedding was put on hold when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Total DivasAn alum shared how they were taking the shift with ease.

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“It’s going to make — when we do have our wedding — extra special for everyone just because it’s been a long time I’ve seen a lot of people,” she told Us WeeklyIn June 2021, she refers to her move to Napa Valley in California with her twin sister Brie BellaOne year before.

“I have to say that’s one of the most beautiful things about Napa Valley — it’s very easy to escape with your partner somewhere,” the reality star noted. “Like, Artem and I the other day, we just escaped to do a quick wine tasting and we’ll do these little things, like, go on a hike or these little adventures.”

Nikki shared that their relationship was strengthened by the change in scenery.

“For a while, our date nights were on the couch watching The Bachelor, but now they’ve expanded and we’ve just [said,] ‘Let’s go check out so many parts of Napa and Sonoma and all these places,’” she added. “I feel like we’re dating each other again and it feels so great!”

The ex-pro wrestler was also open about the difficulties she and her husband faced while he worked on the project. DWTS. During the Russia native’s season 30 run with partner Melora HardinNikki spoke out about the difficulties that their long-distance relationship has created.

“This is the longest we haven’t seen each other. We were gone six to seven weeks. [apart],” Nikki said during an episode of “The Bellas Podcast” in November 2021. “I got AGT: Extreme … [and]Artem and Artem both agreed that Teo goes everywhere Mama takes him. That’s where he’s comfortable, that’s where he does best. And, you know, it’s been hard on [Artem] and it’s been hard on me, too, not to have my man in my bed.”

The California native noted that being “raised in different countries” played a role in the communication issues they experienced.

“When you’re away from each other, there’s different time zones. Myself having Matteo and working long hours, I need Artem to check in in ways of like, ‘How are you? How are you doing? How’s Matteo doing? What can you do?’” she added. “Sometimes I feel like the other person, mainly the dads, they get into this [space of thinking] they FaceTimed and that’s great, and they get on the phone and that’s where it ends for them. And it’s just hard when the involvement beyond that isn’t there.”

At the time, Nikki said that counseling and “sexy FaceTimes” helped the duo work through their rough patch.

“We’re actually in a good spot. We were doing a little rocky for a bit,” the WWE Divas champion shared. “[We]Therapy was something I needed to do again. Distance is hard, you know. … Now we’re stronger than ever.”