Nicki Minaj Reveals ‘Queen Radio’ Is Leaving Apple & Has “A New Home”

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Nicki Minaj Reveals That ‘Queen Radio’ Is Leaving Apple And Has “A New Home”


Nicki MinajHer fans have something to look forward. The 39-year-old rapper just announced that her radio show, ‘Queen Radio’ will be making a return soon and will be on a new platform. The show was previously hosted by Apple Music but will now have “a new home”, according to Nicki. A recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe brought up this topic, wanting to find out what happened to the popular radio program. He replied,

“I want to know what happened to Queen Radio… Where is Queen Radio? It was only the biggest thing outside of OVO Radio.”

Joe Budden mentions Nicki Minaj taking a break to get married and have a baby, but insists it’s time for Queen Radio to return. He said:

“Queen Radio is important for culture, sorry. It should be there or we should get an announcement as to why it’s not there.”    

Joe Budden


Nicki Minaj caught wind of Joe Budden’s plea and took to TwitterHe retweeted a clip from his show and she responded. She wrote:

“Thank you Joe, I rlly appreciate you asking & caring. We have a new home. Official announcement coming soon. I gotta s/o Larry Jackson @ Apple tho, for originally putting the idea on my radar & giving me his blessing to explore new avenues for the show. #QueenRadio”

The first episode Queen Radio was broadcast on August 9, 2018 and quickly became a hit, so it’s no surprise why so many are excited at the thought of it’s return.

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