Nick Cannon Gets Tattoo To Commemorate Passing Of 5-Month-Old Son [VIDEO]

Nick Cannon gets a tattoo to commemorate the passing of his son

Losing a child is never easy. Nick CannonWe are here to help you remember them in your time of sorrow.

Nick Cannon

The Wild-N-OutZen’s father Zen is still a part of his heart and host continues to show his love. Cannon shared with his viewers and audience that he recently got a tattoo to commemorate his son’s legacy. The tattoo is on his rib and depicts Zen as an angel.

NickThe caption was shared on Instagram.

“I’ve seen so much love this week. I can’t say THANK YOU enough. This angel will always be with me. #NickCannonShow #PicOfTheDay.

In the clip, the 41-year old talk show host explained the time it took to get a tattoo artist and gave a video summary of the process.

Last night I had the chance to go and get a tattoo on my rib of Zen, my son. I’m still all bandaged up and it hurts all right here right now. I think I arrived there at 7:30 PM and got out around 1 AM.

He continued:

I loved every moment of it to always have my son, right here rib, on my side as my angel.

Zen, who was 5 months old, died from brain cancer. Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed their baby boy in June.

Let us continue to pray for this family.