Nick Cannon Apologizes For How He Announced Latest Pregnancy & Brought Up Passing Of Son Zen, Tells Mother of His Children: I will do better.

Nick Cannon Apologizes for Comments made when discussing the passing of Son Zen and announcing a new baby with Bre Tiesi.

One thing about Nick Cannon is that he’s always going to show love to the mothers of his children. After Alyssa ScottZen’s mother, Zen, posted a statement on her Instagram that seemed to address the controversy surrounding Zen’s new baby announcement. Nick CannonTo make a formal apology, he used his self-titled daytime talk program to say:

“I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain and confusion I may have caused.”


After TMZ published photographs showing what appeared to be, Nick CannonHosting a baby shower/gender-revealing party with a model Bre TiesiSpeculations started that the comedian, aged 41, might be pregnant with his 8th child. Days later, Nick confirmed the reports on his daytime talk show and admitted he was conflicted about the announcement due to the recent passing of his son Zen who he shares with Alyssa Scott.

Nick Cannon, Zen Cannon

He stated that he was a guest on the show:

“Everybody knows I have a lot of children. And I love them all dearly, sincerely, and every single one of my children are just as special as the other it’s never a competition, it’s never….. I mean parents know what I mean when I talk about just the love you have for a child whether it’s a child that’s here whether it’s a child that’s no longer here whether it’s a child that’s grown whether it’s a child that’s about to be here. That passion that it doesn’t matter how many you have or anything, there’s this unconditional love, this Godly like love that comes over the process.”

Nick-Cannon, Powerful-Queen Cannon, Golden Cannon

He continues to discuss the differences between the two. The Masked Singer host knew about Bre Tiesi’sAfter a long time of pregnancy, Zen’s death caused internal confusion about when to announce the new baby.

He continued:

“This whole process was extremely difficult for me because I’ve known about Bre’s pregnancy for a while now, before my youngest son Zen passed in December. And so even going through all of that – this was always in the back of mind like when is the right time, when do I share this. We didn’t expect Zen to pass away, we didn’t you know, all of the news was so unexpected. So to kind of figure out a chronological order or hierarchy it kept me up at night.”

Later in this discussion NickTalks about how he would respect the grieving process Alyssa ScottHow and why? BreThey were willing to wait until they found the right time to make public announcements.

Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon

Once the show was aired, Alyssa ScotShe took to her Instagram to respond to the media storm Nick’s announcement, stating:

“It is painful having my son be apart of conversations that aren’t in alignment with his light and legacy.”

Now, Nick is making it clear that he wants nothing more than to protect and respect the mothers of his children, and offers an apology for any comments of comparison that he made.

He states on the show:

“I wanted to take a moment to listen and reflect on what I was saying and what’s popping and apologize properly.”

He continues:

“I would like to address some of the comments that I made on Monday’s show. I wish to always protect and respect the privacy of all the mothers of my children.” 

Nick Cannon, Alyssa Scott

He continues to discuss how he failed that while discussing the announcement of the new baby amid all the other happenings and that he likely was talking too fast about the matter and misspoke.

Later on in the conversation, he says:

“I know I can do better when dealing with delicate and sensitive discussions. So I promise you, promise the mothers of my children, I promise my family that I will do better and continue to be more understanding, caring, compassionate, like they often show me each and every day.”

NickRaps the convo in love Alyssa ScottZen, his son Zen, all of his children, and any future ones he may have:

“I’m a responsible human being and I take full responsibility for everything so I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain and confusion I may have caused.”

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